Has anyone heard of this company - AYA Tokyo Japan?


pedalgeek.com sells the AYA pedals. I had the Drivesta, it's a great sounding pedal that has a lot of versatility. If you're looking for a Plexi type OD than it's not a bad choice...it can do the Marshall thing well but it also can get some TS type sounds, as well as some very nice smoother overdrive tones. In the end I got rid of it because it was more of a "jack of all trades, master of none"...I prefer the Menatone King of The Britains which is much more amp-like to my ears.


I've got both in my rig. I like the compressor a lot!! Very transparent and the highs that come out of it are just right for my taste. Very quiet. Extremely pleased with the Compressor. It kicked my Keeley two knob compressor that I used for the last 4 years off my pedal board.

I've got two of the drivestas. I was on a waitlist for a new one and ended up finding one sooner. It does the marshall plexi thing fairly well. I wish it were voiced a little deeper. It has a little too much upper mids for me to use it all the time. It's a great overdrive though. I mainly use it for higher gain tones.

These pedals are built well and made out of high quality components.


I've been looking at the AYA R-Comp for awhile. Not much info out on this one. Can you explain what you mean by both wicked and decent?
It's an inside joke phrase.
Seriously, it's a great compressor, for me anyway.


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i got the r-comp too, i bought a keeley compressor to use instead, but it was no where near as good as the aya compressor, well... to my ears anyway. i'm gonna get another one.

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