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Has anyone played a Celtic Diedre?


I'm possibly going to be trading one of my amps for a Celtic Diedre. It seems to be based on the C-30 series amps. Has anyone owned or played a Diedre or any other Celtic amp? I'm trying to get some info on them.


sixstring531 snatched the one I was going to trade for. I'm still curious if anyone has any information on the amp.


Supporting Member
call Scott at Celtic -- easy to talk to and full of info.
He said its all top notch components
same trannies as BadCat/Matchless (from same distributor)
based off Ceriatone DC30 Clone which he (Scott) helped design
has half power switch
hi/lo on each channel
is extremely heavy
gets very loud
he didn't build many because they took so much time to build

this is all I really know :)


Fuzzy Guitars
Scott didn't design anything, it's a clone of an HC-30...it's more or less a Ceriatone kit with some upgraded parts.


Thanks for the info. I've managed to figure out pretty much what it is. I guess since it is based off the Ceriatone it layed out on boards rather than ptp.

I'm curious to hear of anybody's experience with one. The only thing I found in a search of the board was that someone listed it as an amp that exceeded expectations in the amps that exceeded expectations or were disappointments thread.

I'd trade for it because it seems like a quality amp and I'd be trading something that doesn't really get much use. I also have liked most 4x EL84 amps I've tried.

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