Has anyone tried a Rickenbacker 660?


I'm potentially in the market for something jangly and I quite like the look of the Ric 660.

The nut width is wider than a regular Ric - if anything this would be ideal for me as I'm not used to regular Rickenbacker neck dimensions.

How do the 'Vintage Reissue' pickups hold up compared to more common pickup varieties?

I've heard a few nice clips from Wildwood. It seems to be more common in 12-string form though so 6-string clips are harder to come by.

Any comments appreciated.
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I have had 2 660 12's. They are super fine instruments in every sense and the wider neck makes a huge difference compared to other Ric's. I would assume you could expect the same from a 6.Never tried one with anything but clean or a tad dirty. Sounded great.


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In my opinion, this is the best Rickenbacker made. Wider neck is a big help. It is a solid body, and a pretty small solid body at that, so weight is good. The more popular 330 and 360 are semi-hollow. The 660 has nicer appointments than the 620 which is the same cresting wave shape. With the 660, you get the shark teeth style inlay and the checkerboard binding. Also, the trapeze tailpiece rather than the R tailpiece, which makes restringing easier. And, the two tiered gold guard rather than the white. The 660 also differs from the 620 in the pickups. The 620 has the high gains, same as the 330 and 360. The 660 has the toasters, which is what most people would call the jangly pickup. The first 660's have the really nice silver/black tolex case. Think the newer ones have the black molded plastic. The only thing I do not like about the 660 is the headstock angle, which is virtually flat. If you are used to a Gibson where there is a distinct angle, the 660 doesn't really have an angle. It is a bit like holding a tennis racket, almost a straight piece of wood from body, neck to headstock. Guitar sounds great and has that unique Rick sound. Other thing people don't love is the glossed fretboard, but they are common on virtually all of the Ricks. Great cleans, and you can drive it, although I wouldn't call it high gain, it can be played dirty for sure. If you are in need of the stereo output, you don't get that on the 660.


wildwood has 2 6 string 660 clips.. that's pretty much dead on to what they sound like..
I have one and I really like it but... ric's are not for everyone.

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