Has anyone tried the Henriksen JazzAmp?

I played one at NAMM and was very pleased with it. Very fine warm clean tone. I expect to be ordering the 1-10 combo soon because it's so good at what it is, but also as a backup amp for more "electric" style gigs too. I bet it sounds mighty good with a Menatone amp-in-a-can pedal in front of it.


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Could you get a warm tubey type tone out of it or is it more of a solid state sound?


I've had one for a few months now and am quite pleased with it. It's the warmest sounding solid state I've owned which has included a Clarus, Evans, Polytone and Roland JC120. The parametric eq is a great feature which allows much more flexibility over the standard bass, mid, treble setups most amps use. I'm running it with a 1 x 12 cab I picked up along with the head at www.lehtelaguitarcraft.com .

My only complaint has been the thump/pop the amp makes when you power it down. I have started cutting the amp off via a power strip to alleviate this. Overall I don't think you would be disappointed in it.


I just got one as well. I love it. My Heritage sounds better through it than both Polytones I owned by far. I have the 10r with reverb, and the reverb is digital, and when you crank the reverb is doesn't sound very good, but I use it for just a touch of reverb and it works great. I get the pop when I shut it off too, not sure what that is, but my Polytones did that too. Its more of an irritation than anything


I have the convertible - incredible amp - get it !!! The 10 cabinet that comes with the amp , works great for jazztones, but is not very versatile. My 12 Cabinet with a 12 Celestion vintage 30 speaker is much better for blues or fusion sounds.

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