Has Asia cornered the James Tyler market?


a good friend of mine has an old james tyler guitar . i saw it and it never left my head until i ordered one , took a looooong time to get the money together, but in the last 2 years there were not many occasions to spend a lot of money otherwise, so it took place on my pre-chritsmas wishlist for this year.

Congrats! I ordered Tyler no.5 yesterday. Now the waiting and anticipation commences! It will be the ninth Tyler I have owned in total, with four currently in the stable.

One point I will raise in relation to the original post, it would appear that a reasonable portion of Tyler's produced do not make it onto dealer websites, being custom orders for people. Tyler seems to have a loyal following, with quite a few folks having tried one or owned one going back and ordering something that meets their desires and tastes.
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I feel like Tyler (as does Anderson and Suhr) have a thing. The guitars a killer. A lot of ppl come at them expecting the ultimate Fender. They are absolutely not a Fender though they have some similarities
Kind of like a Silver Sky? :hide2:hide


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Kind of like a Silver Sky? :hide2:hide
Ahhhhh….. No! :p
seriously, I haven’t play a SS but the videos I’ve heard while sounding great do not sound the same. Tyler’s are big sounding. If you like that and I do.
check out the Wildwood videos with Greg Koch .

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