Has the Belle Epoch kicked anyone's EP Boost off?


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Has anyone ditched their Xotic EP Boost in favor of the Belle Epoch's preamp in buffer mode?
I do dig my EP Booster but I'm wondering if this could be a small space saver or, more importantly, free up an outlet for another pedal.
What says BE users?


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I'm not the most helpful opinion on this as I haven't had an EP Booster in 2-3 years, but I can say it's a definite possibility.

You'll lose the external boosting control (BE has an internal trim for buffer gain) and you'll need to verify that the BE buffer doesn't jack with any other pedals on your board. I had an Echorec when they first came out and it messed with one of my mainstay fuzzes (Ge but I can't remember now which one!) and was picky about power. It was a bummer for me as the ER buffer sounded SO good.

I've had a BE for several months now and have yet to find any nasty impedance interactions and it's dead quiet on my daisy chained Volto so perhaps it's all been sorted.

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