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has this sf twin been modded or messed with?


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It's a 76. Not that I really care. It sounds great and looks brand new. But a couple of discrepancies I noticed on a few little things (hum control is an outy instead of an innie, tubes have been changed) between this and other 1976 models are me wonder if someone has messed with this thing. Cap job, mod, etc. I opened it up and thought I'd be able to see 'new' stuff. But being that the amp looks so mintish, it all looks new inside. Anything set off any flags in this pic? Just curious as I did a trade for it under the premise that.besides the tubes it had been untouched.

mark norwine

I'm not talking about housekeeping. I'm talking about component values & replacing old electrolytics.

This amp could sound even better...


Everything looks stock to me. You didn't show the filter caps in the "dog house" but since it looks like nothing has been replaced in this pic, the filter caps may be original as well. Might be time to think about replacing those. All the bypass caps and the bias cap look original, too. Screen grid resistors in these amps are often replaced with higher wattage, metal oxide resistors; I think that's due to the heat from the power tubes...

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