Have an opportunity to buy a 68 SG...need a little guidance

  • Just found out a buddy has a 68 SG
  • Said he'd consider selling to the right person, but not looking to unload it. Someone who'd play it, since he no longer does
  • I've always loved SG's but have never had one
  • Told me to borrow it and make an offer if I like it
I have many guitars, but no SG's. I don't have any vintage guitars. What kind of things should I look for? Figure I'd restring it, make sure the truss rod works, pop the back cover...what else? As for value, compare to eBay sales? I should pick it up tomorrow. Will post picks...

I'd consider buying it partly to enjoy looking at/playing, maybe occasionally gig with, but also as an investment.

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I love my 2005 SG STD (stock ).......light weight, rock solid tuning, cleans up beautifully, no QC issues, great guitar.
Took me a few months to get used to,but I'm glad i stuck with it.


Check out mylespaul.com they have a vintage SG section where people will know everything you need to know.


I wouldn't buy it as an investment, I'd buy it because it was the best guitar for the money. As boomers age there will be more and more older instruments on the market. Vintage ain't dead yet, but that's a statement for blue chip, top tier giitars. According to Gruhn, a 68 SG would be a C or D level "investment". An A level would be a Burst, a 61 SG/Les Paul would be considered a B level (not the most desirable model, but made at the same time as the desirable models).


I own a 68 SG Std. I've had it since I was a kid, bought it new. Based on other SGs I have seen and played, it is a little unusual in that the neck is HUGE. It rivals R7 necks I have tried. Personally, I love that about it, but it's nor for everybody. The pickups are very good, but I am not any sort of expert on humbuckers. Mine has been modded by me (when I was too young to know better) so it's lost it's.collector's value so to speak. I replaced the Klusons with Grovers (quite common back then), as well as the nylon saddles with chrome equivalents (also quite common). But the big change I made was removing the Lyre and having a stop tail installed.

It's no longer my favorite guitar, due mainly to the fact that I fell in love with P90's. But it was for many years. With the big neck, it is quite prone to neck dive. But tone and playability is excellent.

Good luck!
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