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Have any of you learned to shred in your 30s?


As said, I'd still like to see that at any decent speed.
Here we go - though @tedmaul beat me to it with more interesting stuff.
Just a quick take on it specifically this pattern. It's ddu all the way.

there are these certain runs that EJ loves to do where he jumps one, two and sometimes more strings
Yep. Typically the 1-5-3 ascending triads, one of his trademark lick.


The droid you're looking for
If you're having back pain, I recommend lifting weights. I just turned 53, and started lifting a little over four months ago. All sorts of nagging back pains are just gone now, along with knee pains. Best thing I've ever done for my health, I think. I feel better now than I felt 15 years ago.

Interestingly, weightlifting revealed my guitar-playing repetitive strain injuries to me. I wasn't aware of them before, but I'm hella aware now! I have strain problems in my right forearm near my elbow, and left hand where the thumb meets the palm. The forearm problem is probably caused not by exercise so much as holding my arm in the picking position for long periods of time.


I’m in my 50s and started to dig more into Allan Holdsworth’s legato techniques. Can I play like him after 10 months of studying, no. But my technique has improved 10 fold. One day I looked down at my left hand and it was like a spider was attached to my wrist. I felt so free and impowered.

Like I said, still can’t completely do what he does, but when I step back to being joe guitar guy I love what I’m seeing. Wish I had studied this when I was younger. So OP, yeah you can do it. Get your study materials in order, set your goal, and go release the shred beast in your soul.

And go talk to some old friends of mine. Old Gary Moore, George Lynch, Vivian Campbell, and Vernon Reid.


Sweet Jeebus... The subjective painted as objective in this thread, combined with the vast amounts of douchiness, are just unbearable. Blackmore is talented and Yngwie is just scalar patterns? Oh brudder. There is objectively nothing less musical about the styles of Becker, Petrucci, Friedman, Richardson, MacAlpine, Moore, Gilbert, Yngwie, Ed Garcia (Vitalism), et al... than Benson or Stern. Many of them are as good or better musicians and know as much or more about theory than you or your heroes.

This thread was started by OP who bailed asking about technique to improve speed and technicality, and a bunch of old overly-opinionated dad-rockers hijacked the thread to complain about musicians and genres they don't like.

Moreover, regardless of Troy Grady's musical style or preference, he is a fantastic teacher and researcher of technique, and he has slickly produced informative videos with artists from many genres. Martin Miller and Rick Graham are also fantastic instructors and music theory masters. Slagging them shows your worth to this thread and frankly says a lot about you as just awful garbage humans.

So, to summarize... I'm not sure if you're aware about most people's feelings, regarding your opinions of music genres and pretty much everything else in life, but...

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I'm 33 and have been playing guitar for around 15 years.

My overall technique isn't bad. I have decent control over unwanted string noise and my vibrato is quite good. I alternate pick most stuff and can move up and down the neck fairly easily (though I know very little theory).

I want to learn to shred, just to be able to have the facility. Super-fast alternate picking ability would please me greatly. Would that be feasible for a 30-something who has potentially developed bad habits over the years?

this is inspiring. I feel like I just read a post about myself right now. Im trying to get better/faster--but takes time that i dont have as much.

any particular practice techniques you using?
or songs or scales that you're using to help improve?


Gold Supporting Member
This thread is super relevant to me, haha. I just turned 34 and am determined to learn how to shred.

Are there any structured books/videos anyone here would recommend? I’m trying to put together a regular practice regimen.


Senior Member
But, a lot of the people in the first pages of this thread seem to have started early, lost interest and got back on the racehorse again later in life. I am 38. I literally am in my first months. I have no idea what can be achieved. We'll see. I am curious if there are people who started late and got pretty good!


do the work.
don't feel better after doing iterations for a duration that matters?
Perhaps you're the one person who like every other fully functional human with the most advanced mind of any primate - receipt of skills tens of thousands of years developing the most complex gift of dexterity across 10 digits - maybe you're the one person who just can't.
^^^ If that makes you laugh; you get it and you get back to work - later you'll feel the comfort your work provided.

Do the work. :)

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