Have any of you sold or bought pedals/gear off Reverb or Ebay from someone famous?


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I get a kick out of interviews where some famous guitarist will say, "yeah, scooped this pedal up off some guy on ebay...".

Can you imagine you list your fuzz on Reverb and the shipping address comes up "Joe Bonamassa" or "Billy Gibbons"? I'd have to imagine guys like this probably have to use aliases or one of their roadies' names.

The closest I came is I bought a pedal off Mike Hermans off Reverb. It was slightly cool to see my exact pedal in the demo, haha. When I was a kid I traded a Morley Fuzz Wah at a local shop for some crappy pedal and the next day the guitarist from Tripping Daisy bought my old pedal. The guy I made the trade with told me my pedal was worthless, then accidentally later admitted to me the Tripping Daisy guy had been desperately looking for one. I also bought a Keeley modded tube screamer from the Killer's guitar tech that they had used on tour. So yeah...cool stuff, but not Billy Gibbons level.

Any of you have any interesting pedal/gear transactions with someone famous?
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Moby had a huge sale on Reverb a couple months ago. Hundreds of items. Pretty reasonably priced too, although some are of it seemed well-used to say the least.


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Nope. But I REALLY wanted one of the Strokes amps when they did the reverb sale thing. Different than what you're talking about but an easy way to accomplish it.


Closest thing like that for me was selling a ‘50s Gibson case to some old British guy. This was in the mid-90s when I was about 12-13 and my dad had given me the case to try and sell at a guitar show. The old guy thought it was cool I was helping my dad work the show, so ended up talking to my dad and I about how he had a 50s Les Paul that needed this case. Turned out it was Albert Lee and he needed an original case for the Black Beauty that Clapton gave him. He stayed in touch with my dad and bought several things from him over the next few years.


I bought a Hamer from Wolf Hoffman of the heavy metal band Accept.
I own A Bogner XTC that was built for Guns & Roses (though I did not buy directly from them).
Great story: I bought a wicked Holland amp, and someone from Johnny Lang's crew called me because they thought it was his stolen head. (turned out it wasn't). Mike Holland helped me out by verifying the head.
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I sold a tuner to a guy who I though was famous in nail I did a double take at the name. Tony, not Trey.

Years ago, my neighbor owned a big Ampeg cab with “The Band” stenciled on it. He had me convinced it was used in The Last Waltz. I believed him because he had album credits on some Lester Flatt albums and chops to back it up.


I bought a Mesa 20/20 power amp off of ebay, when it arrived, the shipping label said Randy Jackson from California. I didn’t message him to see if it was THE Randy Jackson.


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I've had a couple transactions with big timers. But I don't make folks business transactions public, unless I see they have mentioned it publicly first.

So I can't name names, but I've moved gear to and from a couple A-listers.

I'm a big nobody, though. It has all been coincidence. I guess I have good taste? :dunno

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