Have any of you sold or bought pedals/gear off Reverb or Ebay from someone famous?


Around 1993, I bought a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and a Simul Satellite amp from Mesa Boogie Hollywood. They each came in a road case, with "ELP" stickers on them. The Boogie rep told me that they were owned by Greg Lake. I still have one case and the Satellite, although the Mark IV was stolen many years ago...


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Moby had a huge sale on Reverb a couple months ago. Hundreds of items. Pretty reasonably priced too, although some are of it seemed well-used to say the least.
And Blink 182...

After I saw this trend I set up my own shop like a famous person/band...

"The Official Jason Hayes Reverb Shop"

Welcome to the Official Jason Hayes Reverb Shop. Here you'll find guitars, basses, amps, recording equipment, effects & more from the rocker's personal collection. The gear sells for pretty good prices so make sure to follow!

"Isn't that what you wanted?"

(I quoted myself from one of my songs lol)

Check it out...fancy logo too:


I get a kick out of interviews where some famous guitarist will say, "yeah, scooped this pedal up off some guy on ebay...".

Can you imagine you list your fuzz on Reverb and the shipping address comes up "Joe Bonamassa" or "Billy Gibbons"? I'd have to imagine guys like this probably have to use aliases or one of their roadies' names.

The closest I came is I bought a pedal off Mike Hermans off Reverb. It was slightly cool to see my exact pedal in the demo, haha. When I was a kid I traded a Morley Fuzz Wah at a local shop for some crappy pedal and the next day the guitarist from Tripping Daisy bought my old pedal. The guy I made the trade with told me my pedal was worthless, then accidentally later admitted to me the Tripping Daisy guy had been desperately looking for one. I also bought a Keeley modded tube screamer from the Killer's guitar tech that they had used on tour. So yeah...cool stuff, but not Billy Gibbons level.

Any of you have any interesting pedal/gear transactions with someone famous?
Tripping Daisy! That is so cool! I started performing Polyphonic Spree covers just yesterday!

I wish I had a story that awesome but I did once buy a consigned electric guitar for far too little ($150!!!) from who ended up being the local queen of Rock here in town. She's a total badass who has diy'd all of her albums for decades and also helps produce other punk and metal bands in the area, often free of charge! \m/
I bought my Analogman Sun Lion from The Four Horsemen on reverb.

I also sold a vintage Ludwig snare drum to Bob Weir on eBay. I really don't know if it was THE Bob Weir, doubtful, but I kid you not- when I got the notification of the sale on my phone, I was in the middle of a shrooms influenced jam session with some friends. As you can imagine, we quickly decided it was the real Bob Weir, and pretty damn cosmic.


I carried an early 80s Rat half way around the world and gave it to Darko, the front man in Side Effect, the leading punk/alt band in Yangon Myanmar.

In the 20th century I bought Bill Connors' (formerly of return to forever) steinberger guitar.


If that’s true I do know he buys Jack private reserve by the truckloads. When I used to work at Westlake audio I bought some preamps that were used to record vocals on Frank Sinatra’s Duets records I and II. I worked on the record and got them at deal when it was done. Sinatra, Streisand, Bono, and more used them. They are being used on the new Kings X right now...


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I have sold several on eBay that were bought by famous players.

Bob Weir
Guy from Norma Jean
Kid Anderson
Elliott Rubinson

Several others I would have to think of-
All were very nice and easy to deal with.


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The story here is not who owned this pedal previously. The story here is how the heck are you getting Cornish pedals in "random trades"?!
well I have a lot of Cornish pedals for one
also I have a WTB up in the emporium looking for old big box, custom or DLX Cornish stuff.
I had a very unexpected lay-off a couple years back where I had to sell a large lot of Cornish gear (TES Bossfaceplate, Super Chorus, P-1, P-2(this one), BD-1, 3Q-1, NBM-3, Custom MasterVolume for a Colorsound PowerBoost... and non-Cornish I even had to sell a Marcello built Echorec and a bunch of other crap)

Because of the emporium advert, someone reached out saying they had the Sexton P-2. I mentioned I was the one who sold it. we had a laugh (I also didn't sell it via-TGP). though I wasn't down to purchase it right out again... but about a week later they came back asking if I'd do an outright trade for a '73 Rams Head I had for sale. Made sense and it came back! I'm beyond stoked to have it back, it sounds great with my new rig.
So yes it was a random trade but maybe not the type of random you are thinking of.


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Sold a '69 Marshall plexi to Steve @ Angela Instruments who sold it to Steve Steven's. It became his favorite plexi (he had a few!) and used it on Michael Jackson's Thriller album.

Sold a near mint '60 tweed Bassman to Cesar Diaz who sold it to SRV the next day. They were recording In Step at the Power Station and he ended up using it all over that album. He mentioned that amp in a few guitar mag articles.

Ryan Adams bought a partscaster I had listed on Reverb. We traded a few emails back and forth afterwards. He "loved it beyond belief" and used it on tour and on The Late Show with Steven Colbert.

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