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Have it Narrowed down. Cornford MK50II or Soldano SLO 100 KT-66

* velcro-fly *

Silver Supporting Member
Anyone on Here have experience with BOTH?

What is a Normal price for a MK50II.

I've owned both and would go with the SLO if I was ever to purchase either one again. In the end the SLO would be the Beast Master General :p Both are built like brick **** houses though - the Cornford was very impressive

The Cornford Hellcat though is one I want to investigate. The Guthrie Govan clips are pretty killer with it:


All clips above with a Hellcat....

Normal new price on a MKII appx $2700 - 2999. I've only seen a couple ever for sale on the used market. SLO's can be had all day long for $2000 - 2300.

Good luck with your search, either one will be killer.

Steve E


Senior Member
Id have to agree with steve here....I just bought an SLO after (stupidly) selling mine on ebay. I played the mk II at MAE in Fort Lauderdale FL and thought it sounded good but not better than the SLO for the money and versatility.

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