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Have the Beatles sold more records than Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones combined?


Silver Supporting Member
Maybe. They’ve put out twice as many albums as Zeppelin and the Stones don’t have any albums that quite swept the world away like either. Add in the fact that they’ve trod down the remix/remaster/reissue/complication route more than any band and you have tons of repeat sales.


Silver Supporting Member
Are they counting just LPs? Are are 45 singles included in that?
Doesn’t seem too clear.
It’s not hard to imagine, the Beatles were the biggest cultural phenomenon from the 60s.. 4 pretty talented guys with a producer who was also pretty talented. I think when you add it up their bulk of work is hard to compete with if only one guy in a band is doing most of the work!
You can say Hendrix ONLY sold 23 million, but he also only had a 4 year career, only known big in US for last 3 years of his life.
LZ was probably more clever in their business dealings, no singles, so buyers had to buy the album...
I have no idea how Garth Brooks got up there in sales... just seems odd... I guess it was the 90s.. an odd time


Senior Member
Considering the Beatles are known worldwide and are the most popular rock band in the world aside from having written and recorded songs that have been redone in just about every music style that ever existed, it wouldn't be surprising that they sold more albums than any other two rock era bands combined.
When John Lennon said that the Beatles were more well known than Jesus Christ, he wasn't being blasphemous, he was stating a fact.


Makes sense to me.
The Beatles never stopped selling albums.

The Stones and LZ have had ups and downs as far as the catalogs go.

LZ IV had a great ‘90’s, though.


Silver Supporting Member
Fake news, anything contradicting the massive impact, the longevity nor timelessness of at least half the Beatles catalog of hits which is far more than any other bands combined. If there is a habitable Earth to roam in fifty years, no one will be humming these other bands tunes, except the Beatles. Today for instance is March 10th, my birthday. and today I am 64. Hmmm, what song goes with that?

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