Have you used MOTU's Audio Desk?


I use Logic Express 7. I bought a MOTU UltraLite, which comes with Audio Desk recording software (a scaled down version of Digital Performer). I was curious and thinking of giving Audio Desk a try. Specifically, there is a plug-in called Preamp-1 which the manual says "... simulates both subtle tube pre-amp warmth and drastic distortion effects."

If you have tried this software or plug-in I am interested in your comments.
I used it briefly after I bought an 828 Mk II- upgrading to DP from there was a no-brainer. If you're content w/ Logic you may not feel you need DP as well. IIRC, it is much like DP, minus the MIDI capability- so your MIDI usage might factor in as to whether it's useful to you.

The Pre-amp plug is decent, but nothing like an of the various amp modelers available. Still, like anything else, you just might find that starting w/ a preset and tweaking it to your liking may yield just the sonic glue you've been looking for.

Cheers, and have fun playing with it!

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