HBE Lorba Fuzz?


Its a Jordan Bosstone clone... but a good, well tweaked one apparently.

I wanted one (Jordan Bosstone) ever since I heard the sample on Tonefrenzy.com

In the end, I didn't get the HBE but I got a monsterpiece angry dick 2000, a clone too.

Here's my demo here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=641337&songID=6027104

I suspect my Monsterpiece has different components because its wayyyy more brash, more gain-ed up than what I hear on tonefrenzy.


I tried one yesterday. It sounded quite nasty and snarly, with a good amount of sustain. It sounded like upper frequencies were boosted a bit, while lower ones were masked. I was able to get big nasty fuzz sounds, and with minimal tweaking I nailed the lead sound on "It's A Long Way To the Top". It cleaned up OK with the volume rolled down but it wasn't the most transparent fuzz I've ever heard - but that's not really it's personality anyway. I didn't notice any added noise or hiss when the pedal wasn't engaged, and it was surprisingly quiet when on, considering how much gain is available.

I liked it a lot. The volume and fuzz knobs were very interactive, there seem to be a lot of sounds available. Hope that helps a bit!


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Thanks for the review, mcaldred, and welcome to TGP! :AOK


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Reviving this almost year-old thread.

I bought a Lorba Fuzz this morning at Boston Guitar Works in Brockton, MA. I'm here in town for the funeral of my wife's grandmother. Well, since I had a few hours to waste this morning, and you can't spell "funeral" without "F-U-N", I made the quick drive over from Stoughton.

Anyway, BGW had the Never Run painted Lorba Fuzz. It sounded great through a couple of amps in the store, so I was sold. It should sound killer through my home rig, I hope! Lorba Fuzz is thick and creamy, but not overly wooly like some Fuzz Faces I've tried, and my Keeley Fuzz Head. It's a perfect blend of smoothness and bite to my ears, and like others have said it has a lot sounds by various fuzz and level knob combinations.

I remember trying a protoype of this fuzz at HBE's booth during the Summer NAMM show in Austin, 2006. I loved it then, and should have waited. I've never been completely happy with my Fuzz Head, so I suspect the Lorba should kick it off the board. (Fuzz Head shoppers, you may want to check the Emporium next week!)

Also, let me add some good news about Boston Guitar Works. I have not been very complimentary of this store on TGP, regarding their customer service. When I visited the store a few years back, I thought the inventory was tops but the service bit. Happy to report that my experience today was 100% better, with a helpful and courteous salesman taking care of me.
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FYI - The Jordan Bosstone is the fuzz that Dan Auerbach said would be his deserted island pedal.

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