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HBE - Ultimate Fuzz Octave UFO


got this less than a week ago, I've been in need of an octave fuzz for a long while

so figured since this was tone machine based, I'd give it a whirl

absolutely fantastic thus far, the fuzz alone is great with the Vintage and Modern modes, but gotta absolutely love the footswitchable octave, nice touch

so far I like this a lot more than the Fulltone Ultimate Octave I had

I'm thinking this is gonna be a keeper to be included in my fuzz collection

thoughts on this pedal? any owners? :hiP


I had one....I still don't know why I sold it. Very nice and usable fuzz. I found it not as dynamic as other fuzzes I own but it adds a lot of grind and it does it well.

Can you describe the differences among the HBE and the Fulltone?
Other questions concerning the UO...is the octave-fuzz footswitchable when the pedal is off like the UFO


Silver Supporting Member
The hard thing is selling those. Some dipstick who doesn't know what he's getting emails to complain that it doesn't work right. They think its gonna magically make them sound just like Jimi.

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