HD500 as a MIDI controller for the 11R Tutorial

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  1. Guitar Vilain

    Guitar Vilain Member

    Oct 12, 2009
    Since so many users in here seem to be going through the same thing as I did I've decided to put this little tutorial together so you'll have everything you need to get started in one place. Ready?

    I'll assume you have a MIDI cable connected from the MIDI OUT of the HD500 to the MIDI IN of the 11R. You shouldn't have to change any settings in the MIDI setup (basically MIDI channel), but in case you have:

    1. In the HD500 press the "View" button for 2 seconds to get into setup mode, scroll using the arrows until you see the MIDI setup screen and select a MIDI channel there;

    2. Press "EDIT/BACK" in the front panel of the 11R for 2 seconds until you get to the user options, scroll to MIDI and select the same channel there.

    Note: the HD500 MIDI controls are stored on a per-patch basis, so the best approach IMHO is to set up a basic control set and copy it over all the patches within a user set list - I strongly recommend that you dedicate one user set list exclusively for controlling the 11R. Then later you can customize specific functions to suit each patch.

    Unfortunately there's no MIDI mapping in either unit, however the HD500 will recall the 11R user patches in perfect order without any need for programming, they seem made for each other in that respect.

    Our example will be based on the following patch structure:

    Wah (on/off + position)
    Distortion (on/off)
    Echo (on/off)
    Tap Tempo

    All the programming has to be done in the HD500, just bear in mind that whatever on/off states you program in it will be sent to the 11R right away after changing to the programmed patch, which means if you program the HD500 patch to start with the distortion module ON, even if the 11R corresponding patch has the distortion OFF it will be turned ON immediately upon recall. Control values will NOT follow the same behavior, for instance volume continuous control changes will only be applied if you move the volume pedal after changing to the desired patch.

    The first thing we'll want to do will be to include the aforementioned modules in the HD500 signal chain just so we can have the FS1 and FS2 LEDs follow the MIDI CCs sent to the 11R. So go ahead and include a distortion module and a delay module in your HD500 patch. For this example let's start with our controlled FX (distortion and delay) set to off so press the "Enter" button over each one of them.

    Now let's enter the MIDI assign screen by pressing the "Move" button for 2 seconds.

    For the distortion control navigate to FS1 and select the following parameters:

    MIDI CH: Base (means the channel selected in global preferences so it's easy to change all presets later)
    CC#: 25 (distortion in the 11R)
    VALUE: 0

    For the delay control navigate to FS2 and select the following:

    MIDI CH: Base
    CC#: 28 (delay in the 11R)
    VALUE: 0

    Now let's program the tap tempo. Navigate to the "TAP" button and enter the following (note that this time we're using CC instead of CC TOGLE):

    MIDI CH: Base
    CC#: 64 (tap tempo in the 11R)
    VALUE: 127

    Next we're going to program the volume pedal. Navigate to "EXP1" and enter the following:

    MIDI CH: Base
    CC#: 7 (volume in the 11R)
    MIN VALUE: 0
    MAX VALUE: 127 (note: you can alter the min and max to use the volume pedal as a boost for instance)

    Now for the wah, navigate to "EXP2" and enter the following parameters:

    MIDI CH: Base
    CC#: 4 (wah in the 11R)
    MIN VALUE: 0
    MAX VALUE: 127

    And finally we're going to program the toe switch. For some weird reason there are two sets of toggles available for the toe, but you can't use them to control two different FX, go figure. Anyway it works perfectly for turning the wah on and off, navigate to "TOE" and enter the following:

    MIDI CH: Base
    CC#: 43 (wah in the 11R)
    VALUE: 0

    Now change "MESSAGE" to "CC TOGGLE B" and re-enter the parameters below:

    CC#: 43
    VALUE: 127

    And we're done! DON'T FORGET TO SAVE YOUR PATCH.

    Happy MIDI'ing :)
  2. mindseye

    mindseye Member

    Apr 21, 2007
    lake charles LA.
    Good info, thanks for sharing !!!!
  3. TheHog107

    TheHog107 Member

    Dec 4, 2007
  4. AZG

    AZG Member

    Oct 8, 2010
    Sorry for dragging up this old tread, but I used the info here to build a patch for the HD500 that allows pretty complete control over the 11R. I uploaded it to Line 6 Customtone for you to download and use.

    To fully utilize this patch make sure to set your HD500 foot switch mode to "Pedalboard Mode" so FS5-FS8 will turn effects on/off on the 11R instead of changing patches/rigs. Dedicate one bank on the HD500 for controlling the 11R. Fill the entire bank with this patch and name as appropriate. Use the HD500 to change patches and turn effects on/off as desired and then save the patch in that state on the HD500. For example, if you save a preset on the HD500 with reverb, delay, FX1 and modulation on it will alway be recalled in that state. Unfortunately the HD500 can only access the first 64 patches on the 11R as far as I know.

    The HD500 MIDI control is setup as follows in the patch.

    FS1 = FX1 on 11R (off)
    FS2 = FX2 on 11R (off)
    FS3 = Unused
    FS4 = FX LOOP on 11R (off)
    FS5 = DIST on 11R (off)
    FS6 = MOD on 11R (off)
    FS7 = DELAY on 11R (off)
    FS8 = REVERB on 11R (on)

    Tap Tempo works as expected

    Expression pedal controls volume by default. The expression pedal toe switch turns on/off the Wah and controls it.

    I think that covers everything. I find with this setup the HD500 works really well as 11R MIDI controller. Hopefully someone else will find this info useful.
  5. frankencat

    frankencat Guitarded Supporting Member

    Sep 1, 2004
    Tampa Bay
  6. rublalup

    rublalup Member

    Oct 23, 2009

    I´m sorry to post on this old tread but i cant find the link to the custom tone that make the pod hd500 be the midi controller of an 11 rack and i really need it.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?
  7. Ivan Melchiades

    Ivan Melchiades Member

    Aug 25, 2014
    Hey guys! Nice to meet you! First post here... Sorry for disturbing but Im brazilian and dont have many sources of info here for the axe fx 2...

    I would REALLY appreciate your help in my set up...

    I have a boss gt-100 as a midi controller for the axe fx 2. Basically for switching presets. Thats ok! My nightmare is when trying to use the wah and its footswitch to turn on and off the effect! Ive seen a video tutorial on that subject with the MFC and the mission sp-1 pedal (watch?v=YVTDJGCmFdM). I could assign the exp pedal to control the wah block (Ext Crtl 1 = CC16). But only with the autoengage option. The exp pedal switch is acting like a momentary switch (Ext Crtl = CC17). Eventhough in the gt100 its set to toggle. I mean that I can assign it to turn the wah block on and of, but it doesnt stay on or off when I press it. It insist to be momentary... It sucks! I cant use my wah block with this set up. I dont like the autoengage... This is sad because I need to do the same thing for the whammy.... And also would like to use the exp pedal as a volume pedal plus wah or whammy together...

    In my gt100 it works flawless. So I hope there is something in the axe fx 2 programing that Im not quite mastering...

    Clearing things up...

    what I cant do is to set the exp pedal switch to be set to on or off like you did with the mission sp-1 pedal on this video at 13:04


    Thanks very very much!


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