Head Shell vendors?



are there any companies out there that specialize in, or atleast carry, head shells that you can do conversions yourself on? In my case it would not be the wide Marshall size but rather the approx 20" width. If I did this, would I have to reverse the orientation of the chassis of my 1x12 combo, that is, make it upside down so the tubes pointed upwards rather than hanging downward like they do now?


Deadbeat Son

I was looking at some head cabs at www.mojotone.com as well. I think they have the small box Marshall heads on the website. As for the orientation, I would think you'd need the tubes facing up, but they could possibly build you a one off cab that would work the other way around.



www.truetonecustom.com He`s the only dude I trust with my custom work. I haven`t used many others, but nobody will do some of the crazy ass ideas I have. The guy has balls and is a pleasure to deal with. Sultone? Forgtaboutit. I had him do a combo cab for my Bruno UG30 and the speaker was too close to the OPT so I couldn`t fit the head in. It was a custom job, so I can udderstand a little goof, but for the $$$, I`d look else where, and I HATE to diss folks, but for almost $400, do the math. Sorry if I offended anyone who had a generic cab made by him. The construction is quite good as well as the flame maple option.

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