Headstrong Lil' King Reverb vs Allen Sweet Spot...


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from what I have read the Sweet spot is more like the Little King "S".
I own a Lil' King. Probably hands down,the best overall amp i have ever
owned. Haven't had the chance to play a SS. I have owned an Allen
amp in the past,i think either would be an excellent choice.


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Not an owner here, but from what I read and hear from others who have used them, the Headstrong is a more true-to-the-original clone than the Sweet Spot. Allen amps are great amps, but he also likes to add his twists to them (hence the 'raw' circuits, etc...) I think either will give you the tone you are looking for, but for my tastes, I would choose the Headstrong... with a 12" speaker. Makes PRs sound much bigger with the same tone they are famous for.


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In the proud spirit of having no idea what I'm talking about but posting anyway...

I would agree with Geno based on the following - I have two Allens that I've been getting dialed in. After 30+ years of vintage Fenders I can say that they are great amps, close enough to a true blackface or brown tone (depending on model) but a much broader range and a lot more versatile. You can tweak them to taste and get them to sound exactly Fender if you want (there are multiple threads on this), or learn to run them as they sit and find what they can do. I'm leaving one stock and doing a couple of minimal tweaks on the second. Build quality and components are top shelf.

Headstrongs I haven't played. I spoke to Wayne at Headstrong a few months ago - he seems like a very decent guy and folks seem to love his amps. My take is that he is trying to make spot on vintage Fender sounding amps and goes to great lengths to get it right. A guy about three hours north of me is a dealer and I'm looking forward to hearing one.

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