Headstrong Lil King Vs Tyler PT14 JT14


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I've already got a Princeton Reverb amp with Deluxe Reverb Transformers and 12" speaker running about 20ish watts.

Still too loud for my rehearsals and mic'd stage performances.

I play light rock type of music - Overdrive, delay and reverb pedals are big part of the sound.

I don't like flabby bass but love Fender Top End Sparkle.
Which one suits me best? The Tyler looks great but sounds a bit dark - not as sparkly as I'd hope on the YouTube videos I've seen.

I'm leaning towards the Headstrong (Lil King Reverb - not Lil King S) a bit as it's 12watts compared to 14/15w on the Tyler.

Please chime in if you've played these amps.



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I'd get the Headstrong. I haven't played that model buy I've owned 2 Headstrongs and they were fantastic. Also, I don't know the exact number but it's something like-you need 10 times the watts to double the volume. So cutting out 5 watts isn't really doing much. You might need like a 1 watt amp for what you're looking to do (or an attenuator etc.). You might also try those beam blockers as they help as well.


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Get a good silverface Princeton reverb and put the right speaker in it. Look for a 76 or earlier so you get the best possible cab.

Weber 10f150T or Celestion gold should work great for you. Make sure the amp is tuned up. Run treble around seven and bass around 3. The amp will sound fantastic, will never lose its value, and you'll be about $300 richer than if you bought a used Headstrong.


I think the Headstrong Lil king is a great sounding little amp. I have played through one a good bit here at Austin Guitar House.


Another vote for the Headstrong "Lil King Reverb. I bought one a few years ago that came stock with a 10" speaker. I called Wayne at Headstrong and asked if he could sell me a 12" baffle board to replace the 10". So I switched out the 10" baffle and installed a nicely aged Jensen C12N in the new 12" baffle board. It was a simple yet very nice upgrade to an already fine amp.

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