Hectic Watermelon- F Street Fulano

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great guitarist & friend. wait till you hear the new stuff with marco minnemann. mind blowing.


Cool! Always great playing all around with really good grooves. John C always sounds great.
Thanks for digging up that old video. That was a fun series of shows at the San Diego Fair in either 2007. This video was shot by John Alexander (aka Leucadian) if I'm not mistaken. Only downside of the Fair Gigs was hauling the huge man-rig around over hill and over dale on their golf carts night after night!

Here is a free download of the actual tune F Street of the album, The Great American Roadtrip with Jerry Goodman available at the All About Jazz website.

Speaking of gigs, HWM is playing the San Diego Independent Music Fest in North Park next Saturday, March 28th at 3:15 - Green stage.

Speakign of the Czajkowski-Minnemann album, here is a note about it from the newsletter:

I have completed my new album with drummer Marco Minnemann entitled “West ZooOpolis.” It is one of six full albums on in the larger Normalizer 2 project due out on Abstract Logix this year. To recap: Normalizer 2 is a multi-composer project wherein Mike Keneally (Zappa, Vai), Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Alex Machacek (UKZ, Planet X), Phi Yaan-Zek and German electronic composer Mario Brinkman and I have all composed and recorded individual albums around Marco’s tremendous 52-minute recorded drum performance. Trey is now organizing our compilation CD that will feature representative segments from each composer’s album and this is slated for the first Spring release on Abstract Logix. Following this, the individual albums will release approximately one per month with the order still to be determined. I have also had the pleasure of helping Mike Keneally record his contribution to the set, “Evidence of Humanity,” at my studio, and we hope to wrap it all up by this weekend. I will pass on more information and clips from “West ZooOpolis” as we move into the release window.


Exciting stuff John. Sure wish I lived close enough to attend. Keneally is an incredible musician and Trey licks butt. I'm really looking forward to this release.

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