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Helix - can I start new Snapshots from within an existing patch?


I am just learning how to do Snapshots and the videos that I have seen all say to start with a new patch.

However, can I use an existing patch and create Snapshots from that? In other words, the only effects I want to employ in the new Snapshot will come from the patch that is already there.

Is this possible?


Every patch always has 8 snapshots, but if you have never switched snapshot then everything exists in snapshot 1.
Just change to snapshot 2 and change the block active state as required.
The real power comes from changing settings which you do by selecting the block you want to vary between snapshots, then pressing and turning the value knob for the setting you want to change.
Also be aware of the Discard/Retain setting for snapshots as that can cause a lot of confusion if it is set to discard and you don't save the changes before switching to a different snapshot

the swede

Thank you very much.

Any other tips for a first-time Snapshots user?
Create snapshots with same amp is a cool thing.

Last night i did a preset with the Whowatt,
Snapshot 1: Clean
Snapshot 2: breakup/overdrive
Snapshot 3: distorted

In snapshot 3 i added a tubescreamer and snapshot 2 has a kinky boost with drive off.

Made adjustments to almost all parameters in the amp: drive, bass, mid, treble, prescense, channel vol and master.

Rick Wilson

Gold Supporting Member
Initially it can be a bit intimidating, but once you get the hang of snapshots there is almost unlimited parameter changes available. Start small. For practice, maybe take one amp and use snapshots to adjust the gain settings only per snapshot. Snap one - clean. Snap 2 - crunch. snap 3 - distortion. snap 4 - lead and add a drive pedal and delay. Once you get the hang of this you'll see the possibilities. I love using an expression pedal to change the feedback on the tape delay so it oscillates into feedback. have fun and explore!


I have an audition at church this weekend to join the worship team and for one of the songs I need something along these lines:

1. Verses - clean, dotted eighth delay, plate reverb (neck pup)
2. Pre-chorus - klon, dotted eighth delay, plate reverb (bridge pup)
3. Chorus - klon, plate reverb (bridge pup)
4. Bridge - clean, plate reverb (bridge pup)

So essentially I want to take my existing patch (an AC30-style) and use just the effects in that patch to create my snapshot. That way, I will be only focusing on hitting 1 footswitch per change and messing with my pup selector instead of hitting multiple footswitches.

I will try to set the snapshots tonight when I get back home.

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