Hello all!

Jay Bones

My names Jay, I've been lurking here for a while but finally decided to create a profile.

I have a minor in music from Ohio University, have taught guitar lessons for a store and on my own, as well as been in a couple bands that got paid and done solo acoustic shows. Since I've made money with music, I consider myself a professional musician.

I have about 14 guitars right now, mostly Stratocaster styles (1 real Fender 1976 hardtail natural, 2 Fender products that I've used as the basis for projects, a Samick bodied partscaster- 1st build, silverburst Epiphone copy-future project, purple Hondo II- future project, dark blue Betamann copy- future project). Betamann burgundy telecaster copy, Disney by Washburn Hannah Montana Secret Star 3/4 size purple t type (travel guitar, traded a dumpster rescue Johnson acoustic for it), a Squier '51 string through semi loaded body future project, a pine snakehead body future barncaster project. Gibson-Epiphone PR7ERS solid bird's eye maple TB&S electric acoustic in red burst (ordered straight from the sales rep when I taught lessons for a store), Yamaha FG 420-12 (1970 Taiwan) and a Yamaha G-160 Nippon-Gaki classical. ~1970 Epiphone Rivoli (MIJ bolt on neck, that I paid $150 for, and spent another couple hundred having the neck block re-glued, not that collectable, but TONE), partsbass J copy (guitar fetish royal paulownia red burst body, mighty mite maple jazz neck, Fender WBW PG and misc. hardware, Bartolini 18V pickups and preamp) and a recently acquired Squire Affinity Baltic Blue P bass. And I'm refinishing a GF J body with Ed Roth gang green base and flake.

You might think I'm partial to Betamann guitars, but I was able to get all 3 together for less than $100 each. Really was after the tele, thought the strat was cool and the pointy a bonus.

Also recently acquired a beginner's violin, came with extra strings, rosin bag, nylon hard case and 2 beginner's books. Learning to play it, and so far don't sound as much like an alley cat in heat as I did when I started.

Trying to acquire a mandolin, as there tuned the same way as a violin (5ths).

For amplifiers, my guitar amp is a mid 80's Peavey Stereo Chorus 400. Heavy, 2x65 watts, but some nifty features (knob in knobs on both channels, the chorus and vibrato) and a lush spring reverb (replaced all the springs a while back). Bass amp is a little newer Peavey TKO 115. Big HEAVY BEAST, 70 or 90 watts (don't remember), that I bought from my best friend from kindergarten on. In rough shape, I had to replace a couple pots that he knobs had broken off, straighten the EQ sliders and replace the input jacks, as well as repair the torn speaker cone (used 3M marine sealant, some cellophane tape and needle and thread). Paid $90, same guy I bought the Rivoli from. Acoustically, I have a Peavey e-coustic 112, neat little amp. Has 2 channels, 1/4" active and passive inputs on channel 1, both 1/4" and XLR channel 2. Channel 1 has parametric EQ and feedback controller, channel 2 has a graphic EQ, and both have separate reverb levels, and presence control. Channel 1 has an effects loop also. And its a twin speaker, on the same axis, 12" and 5". Used this in my solo acoustic show, either by itself or running its out into the house PA.

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