Hello Everyone...I need amp help!!


I have been a guitarist for about ten years now, but have focused on acoustic and classical. I am now looking to get into the electric world!! So I am looking to get a rig...right now I have a homemade strat (the only real part is an American made neck) so I am looking to get another guitar down the road, but want to get amp and cab first.And I really have to develop my style. Styles I really enjoy are Texas blues/Mayer style, John Scofield jazz style, and also Killers rock style. I dont want to spend much more then 1200 or so, so far I like the Fender Deville but am in no hurry to buy, I want to make sure to get the best for my money. Any help/suggestions would be AWESOME!!! Thanks guys, and am excited to be apart of this community!!


A Fender Cyber-Twin or Cyber Deluxe is a pretty versatile critter... I use a Cyber-Twin as one of my live amps and really like the tone.

You can probably pick up one of either via Craigslist and have enough left over to buy another guitar.

- Bret


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I'd suggest a Mesa Boogie Lone Star Special or maybe one of their new Express amps. Great combos with stellar sound. For $1200 you can get a nice production-line amp. The Vox AC30CC2 is right at that price point at ZZounds.

If you want nice sound for half your max price, try the Traynor YCV40T or the Carvin Bel Air. Both are nice clean (loud) amps and the Traynor has a good stock dirt channel (Carvin needs the Hasserl mod but it sings after that).

Good luck.

Ken I

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Welcome aboard! Look into a used Dr Z Maz 18 Jr. Very versatile amp that can be found used for less than your budget.


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hey dallas..stay away from the deville crap.. made that mistake once..
nothing but a headache...find yourself an early 70's silverface super or deluxe reverb & a ts-808 type pedal....

Scott Peterson

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Welcome to The Gear Page! Post your question in the Amp section for a better response.

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