Hello Everyone


The name is Jeff Mulhollan. I've been a drummer for about 9 years now and I've just recently got into the world of Recording. I'd always fool around recording my band in high school and mixing around with some free programs. When I wanted to take my recording seriously I decided to head down to Full Sail Univeristy (Previously Full Sail Real World Education) and got my Associate of Science there in their Recording program and learned an incredible amount about the recording process. I got to work with a bunch of different equipment from recording consoles, live consoles, multi-effect processors, a wide array of microphones, and much more. It was a great experience. Now I'm in Full Sail's Music Business program to finish up my Bachelor of Science. I'm hoping that with all the knowledge I've acquired over the years I can successfully open my own studio back home (Philadelphia area)

If you'd like to chat at anytime feel free to send me a message over this, Aim (screen name is Drummer12k I'm pretty much always on), or over an e-mail at JPMulhollan@gmail.com

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