Hello from Belgium !


Hey guys,

I'm not good with presentations but I find it mandatory to post something like this because all the members of TGP are so good and there's so much informations I come here to read (I'm not a big writer, mostly a reader ;))

My name is Gauthier from Belgium, 37 years old, I play guitar in my band called CECILIA EYES , and I did registered on the forum not so long ago (I was always reading without subscribing, shame on me). I have some guitars but the one I always come back on is my Jazzmaster J Mascis. I play on a VOX AC15H1TV and actually, I'm rebuilding a little pedalboard. I did use a GSP1101 for more than 4 years but now I'm coming back to pedals. As soon as it's done I'll post some pics.

Again thanks to every contributors of this great forums !



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