Hello from CENLA!


I'm Kyle, I'm from near Alexandria, Louisiana. No, we don't all hunt alligators, no I do not have a bayou in my back yard. No I do not eat squirrel brains, no I do not go down da bayou and suck mudbug heads. Though Crawfish, which is what most of us call em, are quite tasty if they are cooked right. NO, WE ARE NOT ALL FREAKING IDIOTS LIKE ALL OF THE TV SHOWS ARE MAKING US SEEM LIKE, and yes it's quite annoying!!! Yes I live in the country, but still don't hunt alligators, or even see alligators often. No we don't all have huge jacked up 4x4 trucks that we get stuck every chance we get (though many of us do). Yes I play the guitar and have for 15 years lol.


Hello friends, My name is Fredzones. I am new member in this forum site.I like watch online movies, Playing video games. I also like online chatting.My favorite movies are:-
(3.)Pirates of Caibbean
I wish I give sufficient answer of other member questions...

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