Hello from England


Hello folks,

I've just joined; I've been playing guitar since the early '60s, electric and acoustic, I also dabble with bass guitar sometimes! I like funk, jazz and soul music, and my start as a pro player was playing Stax-type material. In fact I'm still a big fan of Steve Cropper's playing.

I'm mainly a Fender man when it comes to gear with Strats being my go-to guitars but I have a couple of Teles to keep them company. Also a '56 Goldtop reissue Les Paul, a 335 and a 339. I also have a couple of steel strung acoustics and a nylon strung classical. For amps it's Fender as well with a Hot Rod Deluxe III for stage use and a Mustang for rehearsal and general messing about. Much lighter to carry!

I'm now retired but play in a live band at weekends just to keep my hand in. I am a true guitar nut and will be until my last breath. Thanks for having me on your forum.



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Aye, welcome!

We need as many this-side-of-the pond chaps on here as we can possibly persuade, to balance out those reprobates on the other side......

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