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I'm a 48 years old family man with a great hobby: playing in a band. Normally I'm working from 7 to 4 . Once a week there's the rehearsel and 10 times a year we have gigs around where we live in the south of Germany(Black Forest). We(me, my wife and my two daughters)live in Freiburg. I'm playing a Ibanez SA 260 into a Hughes & Kettner ZenAmp. For acoustic playing I use my Taylor 110. This is my favourite guitar, I never owned a better one. To be totally lucky there has to be a Cort MGM-1 in transparent blue. Years ago I held one in my hands when I visited the Franfurt Music Show. Later I owned one in amber but never got one in blue. The MGM-1 for me is a great guitar for low budget musicians and family men like me. If you know someone who sells a blue please drop me some lines.




Welcome Leofender!

I have visited Germany several times during the Christmas Season. Once I was in the Black Forest area and it is very beautiful.

This is a great forum with plenty of great members that can help you with almost anything related to your guitar and playing music!


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My fiancée is currently in the process of becoming certified to teach German here in Texas. I'm also currently starting to learn German using the Rosetta Stone software. I think I've coughed up more phlegm that way ;).

Welcome aboard!

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