Hello from New Orleans


I appear to be the first from our fair city to post an intro here, so here goes.

I play mostly fingerstyle acoustic with some rock (lots of Beatles) and I'm slowly moving into jazz playing. My father bought me my first guitar about 20 years ago and I've been teaching myself ever since (I'm 38 now), but it may be time to get an honest-to-goodness instructor for the jazz stuff!

My main electric at the moment is an Epiphone Casino. I used to have a Vox modeling amp but it crapped out as I understand they are wont to do. For now I play through a vintage Silvertone tube amp which is, I have to say, quite a lot of fun in a funky, low-rent sort of way.

I also have a late 40s Epiphone Byron that I got pretty cheap off ebay in really rough shape. It looked as though someone had spray painted and then heavily varnished not only the body but the neck and fretboard, and hadn't waited for the varish to dry before putting the hardware back on. I recently stripped it stem to stern. While the top (solid spruce) isn't in great shape, I like the weathered look of it and it's a lot of fun to fingerpick. It has a small, boxy tone that I like, sort of like David Rawlings' Epiphone Olympic.

I just bought a Collings SJ with cedar top and Indian rosewood back and sides, but I've only had it for a few days and haven't made up my mind about it. I may even be sending it back after the weekend if it hasn't grown on me anymore by Sunday.

Anyway, hello!


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Welcome! Born and raised in N'awlins myself. Live in Chicago now. There are a few other around here as well....

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