Hello from NYC...total rookie here


Just stopping in to introduce myself. Already made a few posts but thought I'd make it official.

Name's Jeff. 30 years old, living in Manhattan, and just picking up the guitar again after over a decade off. I played for about 12 years and it fell by the wayside during my college days. This time I'm trying to learn things "right" and my TGP inspired GAS is a good way to keep me motivated.

My musical interests are all over the place. I listen to a lot of experimental/drone/doom/sludge but temper it with plenty of classic rock, indie, etc. Right now I'm focusing on learning how to play the blues.

Anyways, hi all! Lurking on this great board for a while and finally decided to come out of hiding.


Welcome Jeff. Good to see more NYC blood with you & Sam.
I'm up in Westchester but work in downtown Manhattan.

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