Hello from Rockford, IL


Hey there, thought I'd come out of lurking mode and introduce myself. I'm Chris, originally from Philly, been living in the Rockford IL area (bit west of Chicago) for the past 20 years. Been playing since 1980. Lots of gear changes over the years...guitarwise, currently playing a PRS Custom 24 Artist and a customshop Fender Fat Strat for electric (tho I still have 2 customshop Ibanez from the 80's), and a Simon and Patrick acoustic (and still have my old Yamaha from HS). Just sold a big rack of gear and a 4x12 to buy a Matchless Independence head and cab (and a Mesa 1x12 for church or smaller stuff), and started over on a new pedalboard as well (that's where this forum has REALLY been helpful) Got lots more gear than mentioned, but that's the main stuff.

Currently just play @ our church and give lessons (been doing that for 20 years), still keeping my eyes open for another band if the right one comes along.



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