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Hello from SD


Supporting Member
Hi Everyone, names Eric from Sunny San Diego. Actually been on here for about a year now, but never took the time to introduce myself. I've been playing off and on since I was 14, so about 12 years now. Lots of Punk, Surf rock and Rockabilly, but always happy to learn some blues and bluegrass licks.

Current Gear setup is as

59' Custom Shop Relic Esquire w/ Nocaster Neck
65' Mosrite Ventures

67' BF Fender Princeton Reverb
/13 LDW w/ Matching Cab

Freakshow Digilog
Freakshow Brown Rabbit
MXR Dyna Comp Vodkamod
Z Vex Super Hard On
Z Vex Super Duper (on the way)

I hope I can get some good gear and playing advice out of here.

Take care,

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