Hello from SoCal


Hey All, just want to introduce myself. I live in SoCal, have been playing guitar for 35 years. Grew up in Queens, New York. Persued a career in Music after attending GIT in the 80's. After putting the guitar down for about 8 years in the 90's, I picked it back up in 2007 and have been playing in Hard Rock/Metal cover bands ever since.

I have bought, sold, and traded much equipment over the years.

Les Pauls, Strats, Carvin, Ibanez, G&L, Music Man, Larivee, Westbury, ect

Fender Twins, Marshall 2203, 2204's, Lee Jackson Modified, Carvin, Hughes and Kettner, JSX, Mesa Boogie Triaxis/2:90, and Mark amps

Yamaha SPX 90 II, Quadraverb, TC Electronics 2290, G Major, G Force

Too many pedals


Tom :JAM

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