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Hello from the Windy city

It's been awhile since I joined and Im just getting around to this...oh well. Anyway, I'm Colin Helton. CA native, was raised here in IL, but now reside in Chicago. I am a music lover.

Electric - Fender Frankenstrat (MIJ 54 Neck, warmoth body[swamp ash and LPB], MIM std p'ups and hardware), Greco Les Paul Clone 1980, Greco SG 61 clone 1983, Gretsch Electromatic w/ dearmonds. I am currently working on refurbishing a ES-345/Riviera. Its a 68 Epi Riv-12 without a neck and an early 70's Gibson 345 neck. Looks like its coming along well, but can't decide: cherry or sunburst?
Acoustic - Gibson Southern Jumbo Deluxe (if it's a dreadnought, why did they call it a jumbo..?)
Amps - silverface Fender Vibro Champ, 1981 Fender 75 (for sale, see the forum), and my baby, a silverface Fender Bassman. It's modded so I can use a blend knob to sweep between a '59 Bassman and a '67 Plexi 50. any guitar will sound good through this amp, but if I had to describe my "me" tone, it would be with this amp.
Effects - This is where my taste strays...vintage Vox Wah, EHX Deluxe Memory Man, EHX Holy Grail, EHX Little Big Muff (2006), MXR Micro Amp, MXR Phase 90, MXR Bllue Box (modded with switch for more treble), Boss DS-1 (modded for less gain; now basically an OD), Volume Pedal, and Vintage Rat.

I'm not a gear snob. Like I said, give me any guita with .011's on it and let me play it through my Bassman. It'll sound like me.
I am also a singer/songwriter and am currently putting together a band. You can check out my songs on my myspace page. Thanks for being here to help me on my quest for knowledge and tone guys.

PS - Influences: David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Nels Cline, John Scofield, Buddy Guy, anybody who played with Bowie, John Frusciante (pre-stadium arcadium)...


Hey Colin, welcome aboard! You've got some mighty fine influences listed there.

- Brett


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I'm in the South Suburbs-bet this weather has you pining for California!!

(Heck, I was born here and I'm pining for California!!!)

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