Hello from Western NC


Heya Folks,

I've been lurking for a while, registered back in September, and finally made a post or two here recently.

I'm not a 6 string player (unless you consider lap steel ;) ). I play a 12 string Pedal Steel. Think more Robert Randolph than Nashville :hiP. I eventually found TGP while searching around for info on amps, pedals etc. I check in here just about every day now. What a great forum, and what a great source of information!!

I have the disease. I'm a definite gear head. My latest rig is a two amp solution with Lehle and GCX switchers, and a Ground Control unit to swap pedals and fx in and out. Current favorite amps: Holland Lil Jimi for the dirt side, and a Sarno Revelation pre and Mosvale 500 for the cleans. Current list of FX: For the clean side a G Major, and for the Holland, a Twin Tube, Barber Launch Pad, Trinity Wah, various Keeley, Analogman and homebrewed moddded stuff and a Zen Drive. Yep, that's an ever-changing list. :jo

I've already has some GREAT trades and purchases with some TGP members. Sooo much nicer than ebay!

Really looking forward to reading, posting and learning more!


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