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Hello to the rest of the world


Hi every body,

my name (well, nickname) is Deck, I am 30 years old and I live in Paris, France.
My gear consists of several Fender Stratocaster (standard, V62 and an old Squier), a Gibson Les Paul standard, a Dean Evo Gold Top and other old and unknown guitars.

(My dirty Squier)
As I essentially play at home, a 5W Bad Cat amp is enough for me, until I find a band that would like me to join them.
My currents effects are Demeter compulator, Pete Cornish P2/SS2, Bk.Butler Tube Driver, Boss GE-7, Boss CE-2, and Boss DD-3.
I actually am waiting for a ram's head Big Muff I have bought some days ago.

My influences are... well, not too numerous... Let say David Gilmour (with or without Pink Floyd), Brian May, The Edge... These are the principals, and the internationals one, of course... I don't think that many of you know -M-, Louis Bertignac or Paul Personne... ;)

Anyway, glad to join you all, forgive me for my mistakes in english, and...
Happy new year to every body !


Thanks, BeautifulGuitar. Here she is, in all her glory :

JingleJungle > Salut, ami suisse !
Hi, HipKitty, thanks for the welcome !

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