Hello all,

Been lurking here for a while and absorbing all I can from the forums. I started learning to play guitar again a couple of months ago - about 20 years after I first gave it a go! In between I had a go at playing bass (my 70's P Bass is in storage many thousands of miles away!). I failed miserably at first first attempt to learn guitar (too many other 'hobbies') but have approached it with a different mindset this time and I'm having a ball!

Started out this time with an Ibanez RG471 which was nice but then GAS set in! I found a nice American Standard Strat for sale locally on the Emporium here, got an Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro and then traded the Ibanez at GC for an American Special Tele. Not to mention that I also bought a couple of pedals (after many hours of reading opinions and experiences here) - I love my Timmy!

I have learnt lots from you guys, and hopefully will find many more pearls of wisdom in the posts here.

Thanks for everything so far!



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You will be rewarded for your return to guitar. Even 10 minutes of playing relaxes me.

Welcome aboard.

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