Help a dumb-ass...


An admission: I know nothing about guitar electrics!

It's a side of playing I'm only just getting into but, what with my project Tele getting made this year, it's something I really want to get a handle on.

My problem: The Tele is going to have a HD Z-90 in the neck and a Super 90 in the bridge. Seeing as neither of these pick-ups are Humbuckers or traditional Single-Coils, could somebody please explain to me the pro's and con's of fitting either 250k or 500k pots?

Thanks, in advance, for any help given.


Charly :)

John Phillips

Use 500Ks. 250Ks will probably sound a bit dull.

The "right" pot value is a matter of taste really, but in general most people prefer 250K for Fender-type single coils, and 500K for humbuckers.

It's not the "single coil" or "humbucker" aspect that matters though - it's the pickup's inductance, which is largely related to the total number of windings (both coils, for a humbucker). A powerful, high-wound single coil - like a P90 - actually has a total number of winds, and an inductance, more like that of a humbucker, so works better with 500K pots.

(That's also why they have such a fat, almost-humbucker-like tone, too.)




It's a beautiful world --- with many opinions.

I just installed a Super 90 on my Melancon Tele and love tone with 250K pots. Still plenty of highs.

BTW That guitar has a light ash body and maple neck.

P90 Tuning --- I asked a lot about p90's when making this switch and heard this--- Don't know first hand that it works:
Screws low / pickup high -- thicker tone
Pickup low / screws high -- more sparkle

Jim Collins

If the guitar had a mahogany body and a mahogany neck, I'd go with 500K pots. If the guitar had traditional Tele woods, and a bolt-on neck, I'd go with 250K pots. An ash or alder body, with a maple neck would impart a certain level of brightness that just might be enough.

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