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I am a musician , guitar player, singer-songwriter and whatever
recently i bought a 1964 Gibson es-330, i am in love, the sound is very deep, and even, the high notes don't hurt too much, great buy
nowI am looking for a tube amp to compliant it

Unfortunately where i'm from there are not much places that i can go to and listen to high class amps not to mention vintage ones.
my general direction is a fender sounding tube amp, could be new, vintage, boutiqe or other by other current makers

when i was in LA i played a 1952 Tweed Deluxe and loved it, didn't buy it though, it just felt perfect, 3D i felt

since than i found a guy in Florida who builds tweed deluxe replicas from NOS parts, it's called speedshop deluxe

i was set on ordering one, but than i read people say it's not an amp for clean sounds and i am looking for just that:
a tube, for studio use, that offer rich/lush/smooth/3D sound for my es-330
I guess my concern, coming from the fact I can't hear the amp before ordering it, is:
does it offer enough clean tones in an open and reasonable volume for recording..., before getting into the overdriven sounds.
where on the dial does it start to sound notably overdriven?
this concerns me because I play mostly clean

The speedshop amp costs a lot of money and i was afraid to order such an amp and later regret it
i will be going to a holiday in Greece soon and found these guys -
these amps i might be able to go play

If anyone any insights or amp suggestion i would love to hear
price limit is 3000$

here's some of my music



I look for great cleans, tending to edge of break-up / responsive OD in my base sound, and there are many options out there

My current preferences are the amps you see in my sig below, and would point to Two Rock / Matchless / Bad Cat offerings as a great place to start. My Redplate and Carol Ann have excellent cleans, but widen the OD palate somewhat, which may not be your thing

With your budget, you should be able to find something outstanding, particularly in the used market. As with all opinions on tone, there are other great options available, but these work for me and what I want to do through my rig etc etc etc

Good luck, and have fun making your choice :cool:


Victoria Ivy League. I'm a p90 guy too and this stays clean a long way, and just feels like an amp made for p90's. It's around the same wattage as a tweed deluxe but to my ear has a much more interesting, 3D sound to it. Also it's a remake of the amp that Steve Cropper used to record all the Stax stuff (Otis Redding, Booker T and the MG's), which was a Fender Harvard. I tried it side by side with a deluxe, and it smoked the deluxe (Victoria version of the deluxe). The 1x10" sounds a lot better than the 1-12", which is kinda weird since it's usually the opposite for me. The Ivy League and the Magnatone Twilighter are the best amps I've ever played, ESPECIALLY for p90's. Guarantee you'll be happy with either, amazing amps...


If a Tweed Deluxe is "The Sound" get a Tweed Deluxe. If it overdrives too early swap the 12AX7 tube in V1 position for something with less gain like a 5751.


Victoria Ivy League (1x12) is a great choice. Another would be a Carr Rambler. I own both and couldn't be happier.


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I really like Swart's take on tweed tones. A Swart AST might work for you.


The Victoria Ivy League is a Fender Tweed Harvard clone. The Tweed Harvard is like a cleaner Tweed Deluxe. It would be an excellent choice. I like the Harvard circuit much better because I like more clean tone. Yes the Deluxe will do gorgeous clean tones for recording, but on stage, they tend to get very dirty early, while the Harvard hangs together much longer.

Redplate would be a great option as well. Redplate will offer you an amp that can do tweed tones, bf tones, plus an overdriven tone. If I could have only one amp, this would be my first choice because it can do it all.

(BTW: I currently own a Redplate, a Harvard and a Deluxe).
Ampeg was famously distortion-averse, so many of their early-to-mid 60s designs tend to stay clean a little longer before often times busting into a glorious break-up (depending on the particular model/design). Look there.


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Here are a few options that come to mind:

Mesa/Boogie (very underrated, lush cleans)

Jackson Ampworks (check out their new American Series

Vintage Sound (hand-built replicas of vintage Fenders)

Jim Kelleys (very expensive one trick ponies, but it's a great trick)


You won't be disappointed with any of the amps posted here. My preference, and based on the description of the sound you're after, would be to try a two rock or a fender tweed deluxe
OP, you mentioned Florida...Rick at Valvetrain Amps could build you whatever you want. He does the tweed thing as good as anyone I've heard. Got give a shout out to my favorite builder Jelle Welagen, he builds Dumble-modded Tweed style amps called the Tweedleedee or a great old Deluxe only more powerful. My personal favorite Fender at the moment is my old Pro Reverb. A healthy, vintage Pro Reverb is an absolute tone monster.

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