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Help a newbie! (Sony TA-E/N9000es)


so I was gifted a Sony TA-E9000es pre-amp and TA-N9000es amplifier. I'm wanting to use them to replace the Yamaha RX-V373 I have.

For speakers I have 2 JBL decade L36's - from what I can find manual wise online - it looks like they only handle 50w?

I have a Roku streaming Box, PS3, TV, and Sony PS-LX300usb record player that I also plan on hooking up.
(I know this isn't the standard hifi stuff)

My plan is to switch the HDMI sources through the TV, passing RCA out to the pre-amp.
I'll hook up the record player to the phono input of the Pre-Amp.

I noticed the power amp has a "warm up" setting - should I use this similarly to how I use "standby" on a tube amp?

Also, the amp has a 2ch mode and a 2ch "BTL" mode - any help? looking through the manual now...


BTL may be a bridged mode. For example it allows two channels to be used as one to drive one speaker, thus doubling the power output of the amp to the speaker.

Speakers only handling 50 watts isn't a biggie. A bigger amp will just have better control of the speaker, just don't overpower the speaker by turning the amp to max. The amp having headroom is a good thing. It doesn't have to work as hard to drive the speaker to the same volume, having better control over the speaker as well. Pushing the amp to high levels can introduce clipping, distortion, etc. Matching the numbers isn't necessarily the best outcome.

Hook it up, turn it on, and increase the volume slowly over time, let things warm up before going full tilt boogie.

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