Help! Advice on shipping a 4x12 cab!


I was wondering if some of you wouldn't mind sharing some packing and shipping tips with me regarding shipping a 4x12 cab? I do not have the original box the cab came in, as I bought the floor model, and I never thought to ask for the box! :facepalm :NUTS :dunno

If any of you have any advice for boxes as well as packing supplies and which shipping service will rape me the least, I would most greatly appreciate it!



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If you can get a box from a local guitar store it would be ideal, but 4x12 boxes are not common and don't sit around so don't get your hopes up.

You could probably get a box from the factory or a local manufacturer as well. Sheets of styrofoam are good for packing material.

While not a help in your situation, I made sure I have a 4x12 box just in case by keeping the box from my last purchase.

Good luck.


visit furniture store monday morn / afternoon before they throw all boxes away .. should be tones of styrofoam there also .. used this route for makeshift box for shipping guitar ..


OK... I have shipped many.. Get a lot of cardboard from where ever. Takt the wheels off and tuck them in some where. cover it in bubble wreap. then cardboard. then butbble wrap and cardboard again. Tape the crap out of it. buy tape by the six or ten pack. Tape every edge or seam. Then go fedex ground at a kinko's of fedex place. don'tt ship from a non fedex staffed place.


It's not as hard as you would think, but take care number one. The box is the hardest thing to come by, start with guitar stores, they'll usually be glad to give you a box because they just throw them away. If you get one you need to have one that will leave at least 2" clearance on all sides of the cabinet. If the cabinet has casters, take them off and bubble wrap them (if the box has enough space you can keep them in there somehow, but consider shipping them separately. Next my best suggestion to go to your local home center and buy 2" thick pink home insulation board, if you can find 2" white you'll save some $ and only sacrifice a bit in safety. They cut the foam to fit on all sides around the cabinet in the box, try to make it snug, and seal it up with plenty of good quality packing tape. I also advise two or three full wraps around the top to bottom of box with duct tape overlapping it. Shipping carriers do not take good care of heavy items, the best one DHL is gone for us now, so we're left with careless and even more careless, I won't name names. As long as you keep the weight under 150 you can ship at either of the major ones. Best of luck.

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