HELP Bugera Channel 1 sounds really harsh ! Normal ??


Hi !

I got a Bugera 1960 for (Early) Christmas present. (The only present of the year lol)

And the Channel 1 sounds REALLY harsh !! When I plug the Fuzz Face I hear like HP distortion, there's a name for this, "bee nest" or something. I mean it's not really nice... Like a OVER SATURATED signal in a none very musical way, think of plugging a guitar straight in a preamp mixing board (Beatles Revolution intro ie, even harshier, like if the amp can't take that much)
And the Channel 2 is really dark.
I mean, I perfectly know one is supposed to sound darker than the other Channel, but it's pretty extreme here... Highs are VERY agressive on 1 !
I can dial in good clean tone, but any fuzz or distortion is not good, and I guess that's not supposed to be like that.

That's weird because I'm almost sure it sounded better earlier today or yesterday...

I tried to put 6L6GC in it, 2 TAD, 1 JJ, and one stock EL34. (I only got 3 spare 6L6).
May I end up broken something ?
They were in for like one hour or two only, from the manual "You may also freely mix any combination of EL34/6550 and 6L6/5881 based valves"
Or this harshness is normal ?
I put the stock tubes back in.

I own a Fender Blues Deluxe (That's why the spare 6L6), so I know how my pedals sound, and they not sound as usual...

What may be the problem ? If problem there is.
I thought of a preamp tube problem but if I unscrew everything, I'm afraid to loose warranty.
I did not change BIAS for 6L6, mistake ? (They were in for like one hour or two only)
Fuses outside and inside look OK...
Tried to plug my Sovtek 12AX7 instead of the stock ECC83, same thing...
I don't know what can I try... :/

Thanks a lot :)

Ps : That's not a thread to say "Yay your amp sucks, it blew up because it's made in China" or whatsoever, please I just need help, and as it was bought online, I need to be sure before sending it back.
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I would send it back... it's not right...


I answer to myself a few years later, YES is it... Let's say "normal" !
Fact is at low volume, plus ****** PPIMV, makes the first channel sounds like crap... Once you use an attenuator and you push the volume a bit, things get clearly better ! :)

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