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Just had my USA G&L Legacy w/tremelo set up by and the action seems really high - its my first time going to this tech. The tech stated that all G&L tremelo blocks should be 3/16 above the guitar body - which I did see on the G&L website - but it seems to make the action way to high; feels like I should am playing the drums.

Should I block the tremelo to reduce the action or is the tech simply not that good and I should look elsewhere?

Any ideas on how to lower and still maintain the tremelo?

Thanks for the help.


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didn't you check it out when you picked it up from him? a good tech can adjust it to suit your playing style, so take it right back and ask him if he can lower the action for you.

the height of the (i assume you meant) plate off the body is a separate issue from how high the strings are off the frets. blocking the trem also has nothing to do with the string height.


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There are two hex head height adjustment screws on the front of the tremelo that adjust your action. Adjust those as needed. I've owned several G&L Legacys and have always been able to set the action very low with no buzzing.

A good tech should be able to get yours lower, especially if it was lower before you took it in.
I would take it back and have him/her lower your action. If they give you any resistance then immediately take it elsewhere.

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