help! Harddrive won't recognize OS


anybody know how to retrieve data from a hard drive that won't recognize the OS? I have a Dell Inspiron 9000 laptop, and according to customer service the harddrive won't recognize the OS. They are sending a new harddrive,but I would prefer not to have to start everything over again from scratch. I know you can go to a tech have them retrieve the data( if they can) but so far around here the cost is somewhat prohibitive for me. Anybody have any knowledge in this area?


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There are a few progams you can use to do this. One is called GetDataBack. I think it's free. Try here.

You're probably gonna have to pull the hard drive though and connect to another computer. Best thing to do is use one of the small external USB drive boxes. put the drive in there and connect to a another computer and run GetDATABACK. If you have to go to a data recovery service it's big bucks, so unless you've got some lost Beatles tapes on there or something, hope GETDATABACK or some equivalent works. Good luck!

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