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Ok, so first off I apologize if this is something I should have been able to answer myself, I just cant think of a good way to go about this:

This week my band recorded audio and video of one of our live shows to send to potential future gigs. It went really well, everyone played superbly and the sound quality matrixing the mics through the sound board into Logic was quite impressive for a quick set up "in and out" type gig.

Its fallen on me to take the video we shot (minus audio) and edit it and sync/overlay it with the separately recorded audio we captured through the board. I have the most background in video production and editing so I accepted. Problem is we need to have this done ASAP for a big possible gig and all the files are with our bassist at his place, 2 hours away.

Unfortunately work schedules wont allow us to meet up to get the files transferred any time soon, so I need a way to get the files from him in a way that I can then do a quick, "satisfy the deadline" type video mix on my Mac. Whats a good way to go about this? Any ideas? Preferably something free. :p


Check out a service called You Send It - - for sending these files. I looked into it for one of my bands that wanted to distribute fairly large recordings of rehearsals, but the band didn't last long enough to actually use it.


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FTP is another option - it allows you to upload files directlt to a server and someone else to download them. If he knows any webmasters with a web site they may know how to do it.

Video files plus separate audio files for each player is a LOT of bandwidth, even FTP at top speed would likely take a day. Make the 2-hour drive and get the hard drive (you should have thought of this at the gig - did you have no idea how much bandwidth was involved?) - there is no faster way to do it. Sorry.


you can use handbrake to compress the video files down to something that will transfer (relatively) quickly on dropbox. if the final product is for the web, you should be able to use the compressed video with the audio and have a good sounding final product.
good luck

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