Help ID a Marshall 4x12 Cab?


Hey guys, I have a Marshall cab I'm looking at and was wondering if any of you could shed some light about the cab. He's asking $600 Canadian for it. It says 1960 LEAD on the cab, is this a budget cab? or is it a standard Marshall 4x12? Also what do you think its worth. Any help for you guys would be MOST appreciated.

Thanks boys

That's a new(er) Marshall 1960A. Those are the good ones. Since it's white you could probably get like $500 for it. What speakers are in it?


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Read the wattage plate on the back and post what it says. The speakers make all the difference in how valuable it is. For a white 412 with 300w (G12=75s) I'd give you exactly nothing. I hate the sound of those speakers. For one loaded with G12-65s, $600 would be a deal!

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looks like a regular Marshall 1960a cab to me. The 1960 series is Marshall's baseline pro-grade guitar speaker cabinet. The basic elements are; mostly plywood construction with a particle board baffle board and back. Plastic handles and corners. Metal casters.
They are loaded with Celestion G75T-12 speakers, unless otherwise denoted by the model #.
They are available in all kind of variations, "A" = slant top, "B" = straight front, "V" = Vintage (loaded with V30 speaker), "X" = Greenback speakers, "TV" is a slightly taller version, and lots of other versions too. I don't know then all. Marshall has produced about a zillion of these in various colors and grill cloths combinations.
They are extremely common and can be had used for as little as $350. Craigslist often has lots of them. The white tolex is a nice novelty but I wouldn't pay any extra for it. The stock G75T speakers are not popular on TGP, but I think they sound fine once broken in.

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