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Help ID which amps are Class A


I am looking for a lo watt class A amp. I read the class a definition but it is a foreign language. I am looking at fender blues jr/pro jr/ champ/ Gibson skylark, GA5/ Kalamazoo model 1/ Silvertone and crate vc-508.
Could you let me know which are class A. Please feel free to recommend any others.
Thanks Rudy


The Champ, GA5, and Model 1 are all class A, single-ended, one-output-tube amps. The Blues Jr and Pro Jr each run a pair of EL84's.


TGP Tech Wrangler
Staff member
My recommendation is not to worry about whether or not an amp is Class A? If it sounds good, who cares?

The reason you're asking this question is probably twofold: First, Class A is supposedly superior. Secondly, a lot of manufacturers describe their amps as Class A when they're cathode biased Class AB. The reality is that if we (or anyone else) tell you that an amp is Class A, it isn't going to sound any better or worse than if we tell you it's AB.

If it has a single power tube, it's Class A. Other than the THD Bivalve, there aren't a lot of current production amps with >1 power tube that are actually Class A.


The reason I was asking is because I just ordered a Keeeley fuzzhead and he told me that it totally wailed with a class A amp and I've been thinking about picking up alow watt tube amp for a while. All the technical stuff is weay over my head.
thanks for the help.


Gold Supporting Member
Class A is marketing! I'm pretty sure what Keeley meant was that it sounds good with Vox/Matchless/Dr Z amps and so on: relatively low power, cathode biased, mostly EL84 based amps. I'd wait for the pedal then take it and your guitar to the local guitar store and try some of those amps out! For greatest flexibility spend just a bit more and get a THD Univalve or an Emery Superbaby!

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