Help. Im having to string a guita with floy rose (problems)

I dug up an old esp KH that I'm selling and everything seems good except foe this devil device they call a Floyd rose. the g and high e strings are breaking just a half step shy of being in tune and when left alone the other 4 strings are self tightening and I'm sitting here having to constantly loosen them up. how can I fix this? hopefully this is the last time I'll ever have to deal with one of these.


My guess is that 1) you took all the strings off at once rather than changing one at a time, and/or 2) the trem is not "balanced" properly on the trem posts so that it sits flat (horizontal) relative to the posts. You want the knife edges approximately 90-degrees to the posts. The whole trem can get canted up or down if the string gauge is changed, and it's hard to get it stable when it's like that.

Suggest blocking the trem (stick some kind of blocks on either side of the block in the rear trem cavity) so that #2 is achieved, and then gradually bring each string into tune without forcing the little strings to do all the heavy lifting. When all done, remove the blocks and you may find you have to tighten or loosen the trem springs to get the trem flat again.

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