HELP!!!..input jack line6...


pulled my line6 spyderII amp off the stand...smashed it
...broke the plastic ring that holds the input jack on the face of the amp.
looks like it has 4 allen screws/ 1 on each corner of the 2"x19" face panel.

can i just remove the 4 screws to remove panel?
or is it like mission impossible?


Y'know I worked on a Spider II once, the 30W guy...good-sized ding in the cab. Ironically I fixed the ding without having to pull the chassis, so I can't say. But simply putting a new ring on may be all it're talking about the little nut on the jack, right? If the jack tries to turn as you put the new one on, you'll likely have to pull the chassis to hold the jack in place and not tear up the wiring with the twisting.

Warning: If you don't know how to drain caps and work on an amp safely, do not do this...the voltages inside really can kill you. Have a tech show you how to work on an amp properly before you open one up the first time.

BTW...I was blown away by the cleans and the light Blackface and Tweed/Marshall drive tones on the amp. You hear so much grief about the over-the-top FX and drive settings...which will murder most any never hear what cool sounds you do get out of them. There's another guy on the board that has a bunch of fancy amps and a Spider II, pretty much his experience as well, IIRC. I had a blast playing that thing. :beer


Okay, ya got me curious...what on earth is a Steinberger Chumpy? :)


well a *chumpy* is any given item

like, that big girls ass is a 'sweet fat chumpy'
lol....ya kno.....colloquialisms ;)

and a steinberger is one of those headless guitars/basses, rite?

re; you're talking about the little nut on the jack, right?

yes, exactly! ya know what i think im gonna do? i just might drill a hole thru the side of the cabinet exactly where the input jack is,
and insert a (taped) screwdriver as to apply pressure to the back while screwing on the front plastic nut w/ a spot of epoxy to solidify it.

thx :D

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